Teresa Cardoso de Menezes

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                CD - UPON A STAR

Cover Foto: Pedro Soares

Enchanted Songs for Soprano and Harp Duo

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Teresa Cardoso de Menezes
Andrea Marques

1  When you Wish upon a star - PinochioHarline / Washington
2  La Vie en RoseE. Piaf/ M. Louiguy
3  Se essa rua fosse Minha - Brazilian Folk SongTraditional
4  Del cabello más sutil - Cantares PopularesF. J. Obradors
5  Sposa son disprezzata - BajazetA. Vivaldi
6  Dodo L´enfant do - LullabyS. Azevedo
7  Der Nußbaum - Op. 25R. Schumann
8  Oh! Quand je dorsF. Liszt
9  AzulãoJ. Ovalle
10  Esta Noite - Brazilian LundumJ. F. Leal
11  Rosinkes mit Mandlen - Jewish LullabyA. Goldfaden
12  Summertime - Porgy and BessG. & I. Gershwing / Heyward
13  Make me a Channel of Your Peace - Prayer of St. FrancisS. Temple
14  Amazing Grace - GospelTradicional
15  Silent Night - Christmas CarolF. Gruber

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