Teresa Cardoso de Menezes

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  Leonor Leitão-Cadete - Pianist - Composer - Professor - Lisboa, 2019-08-07
“(...) In this wonderful CD dedicated to our Holy Mary, we hear an unic voice singing to the Mother of God Mater Dei. Her artistic inspiration and her deep spirituality and faith, give us the beauty and consolation of the Mother of God in each ‘Hail Mary’ she sings! (…)” On the CD Mater Dei

  Laurinda Alves - Columnist from the Observador , 2017-10-12
"Mater Dei, (…) is a hymn of praise, elevation and beauty, a wonderful tribute to the greatest love of the greatest of all mothers ... one of the most beautiful CDs I have ever heard (. ..) " On the CD Mater Dei

  Manuel Simões - UP MAGAZINE - TAP Air Portugal - "24 horas em Lisboa" , 2011-12-01
"A singer with an incredible talent, Teresa Cardoso de Menezes has an unic voice with a great expressivity." (...)

  Rui Vieira Nery Musicologist Évora University Évora, 2007-10-18
“Teresa Cardoso de Menezes is in many ways an exception in the Portuguese musical scene.(…) Upon a Star (...) transversally enhances a voice of great sweetness and a both sophisticated and discreet artistic sensibility, in a music dialogue of ever fluent complicity with the talent and refined sonority of Andrea Marques at the Harp. (...)She is here to stay as a relevant presence in her own right in the Portuguese lyric panorama. (…)” - From the Booklet on the CD Upon a Star

  António Sala Director of the Renascença Radio Lisboa, 2007-10-16
“Teresa Cardoso de Menezes has a brilliant voice and made wonderful interpretations in this CD Upon a Star. With an unusual accompaniment, in themes that we all know, this singer is able to recreate them in a fascinating way. This album is a kind of a world’s round in the magic of her beautiful voice. (…)” - On the CD Upon a Star

  Robert Levine CLASSICS TODAY .com Online Guide , 2004-11-11
"Teresa Cardoso de Menezes turns up here, in her CD recital debut, as a fully-developed coloratura-lyric, with musicality, a nice tone and some fine individual touches. Her “Depuis le Jour” is stunning; the coloratura “Je Veux Vivre” holds no fears for her. She wiil grow into a nice Mimi judging from the aria here,… She’s a singer to watch ” - On the CD Je veux Vivre

  Luciana Leiderfarb EXPRESSO Newspaper Lisbon, 2003-04-04
“ She sings very well, it must be said. And she sings all kinds of music, moving between unconnected genres without fear of contrast or excess.” (...) On the CD Alleluia

  Fernando Pires DIÁRIO de NOTÍCIAS Newspaper Lisbon, 2003-01-11
“...Teresa Cardoso Menezes has superb evidence (of her capabilities). Excellent, in her performances in opera, concerts and recitals. The sweetness of the voice, the lightness of orchestral texture, the atmosphere in which all is surrounded, and which surrounds us too, are positively celestial.” - On the CD Alleluia

  Cristina Fernandes PÚBLICO Newspaper Lisbon, 2002-12-14
“...One of the most talented of today's Portuguese singers, possessing considerable flexibility of vocal expression, dramatic sense and an excellent technical level.”

  Carlos Otero Stage Producer Paris, 2002-11-27
“...It was with great pleasure that I worked with Teresa Cardoso de Menezes. She is not just a good singer, but above all an artist in the full sense of the word. Great sensibility and professionalism, allied to a faultless musicality.” - - On the Staged Opera Gala Viva Verdi – Tivoli Theatre, Lisbon

  Sidónio de Freitas Branco Paes Music Critic Lisbon, 2002-11-11
“...This artist is worth seeing as well as hearing, even in recital, because of her innate theatrical gift. This is evident in the way in which she interprets the music, with a fine taste and musicality, natural and expressive phrasing , a sense of drama and an underlining devotion.” - From the Boocklet on CD Alleluia

  Alexandre Delgado Composer PÚBLICO Newspaper Lisboa, 2000-10-04
“A shining voice, perfect vocal technic and musicality, great potential as an actress (...)” - On the staged Kaffee-Kantate & Bauernkantate from J. S. Bach - Malaposra Theatre, Lisbon

  João Pereira Bastos Director of the Classical Channel RDP-Portuguese Radio Lisbon, 2000-08-01
“...We are here in the presence of a singer capable of interpreting without difficulty a huge repertoire, ranging from Baroque and Bel Canto coloratura to works for lyric soprano requiring a sophisticated sense of colour, be they Italian, French or German, and of greater or lesser dramatic intensity...” - From the Boocklet on CD Je veux Vivre

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